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Past Event: Mindfulness & Soulful Leadership Series: Part 2: Leadership and Energy Transformation, The Role of Chakras in Leadership

Effective leadership does not come from good intentions or the mental concept alone. Impactful and empowering leadership begins with the embodiment of soul energy, include the balance in the chakras. The benefit to balancing the chakras for leaders and business owners includes being able to see the vision clearly, to listen to the soul direction clearly, and to act/interact with others in a balanced and positive way. This webinar is designed with experiential meditation and experiential activity to balance the chakras, with some activities leaders and business leaders can do on a regular basis to support the success of their business.

- Experience a chakra balancing meditation with the angels for Leadership empowerment

   - Explore the meaning of balancing chakras for leadership and transformation

  - Learn how to balance and listen to your energy and intuition when in leadership challenges