Welcome Beautiful Soul!

Maria started both her Leadership and Spiritual Journey in 1997, and continues to explore the integration of these two disciplines. In the future of Leadership and Business Development, the role of Soul in business is crucial... and Soul is the new currency. To empower the vision of Leadership and Soul integration, Maria has created Leadership Development programs with intuitive experiential experiences, in order to include the Soul in the business planning and designing process. The soul is the key factor in Authentic Leadership and supporting Soul Driven Leaders to create business with their unique vision, values, and energetic frequency. Maria has specialized in Leadership and energy healing, to focus on clearing blocks and deep seated belief systems which block the potential and success of brilliant, smart, powerful souls.

Maria's Education and Training:

Maria is completing her PhD in Leadership studies, and has a Masters of Science in Organizational Development. Her professional background includes working in management consulting for organizations, leadership development initiatives, and working at a premiere holistic mind, body, spirit center in NYC.

Metaphysical Journey: Maria sparked her spiritual awakening with the angels and archangels in 2005, with the guidance of Michael the Archangel. Her spiritual path began at the age of 16 with yoga, and she had visions of Christ and the Holy Spirit at age 19. Maria is passionate to support clients on soul level development, to bring forth the inner light of the spirit, and emerge the love of the heart. The most important part of her work is to help clients heal their soul, recover from soul trauma/wounding, rise vibrational consciousness, embody self-awareness, and stepping into their Soul Leadership in the world. She supports intuitive development of clients, by helping clients to build self trust and listen to the compass of their soul. Maria travels the world for leadership development, holistic seminars, and for healing sessions.

Training: In addition to graduate school for Leadership and Organizational Development, Maria is also completing her Energy Leadership Coaching Certification (300+ hrs, ICF training) for Leadership coaching and alum of the Authentic Leadership Program at Naropa University (6 month training program). For energy healing, Maria is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, an intensive four year training for hands-on energy healing, focused on physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual for health and integration. She has completed additional energy healing modalities including Theta Healing (releasing limiting belief systems), Family Constellations (healing entanglements and epigenetic trauma), The Angel Ministry Program (focused on guidance and messages from the angels) and many other energy modalities. Maria has bridged the Leadership and Energy training to deliver a unique Leadership & Business Development for Soul Driven Entrepreneurs like you! Shine Your Light!

Maria's Email: ShineYourLightLeadership@gmail.com