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Past Event: Mindfulness & Soulful Leadership Series: Part 3: Embodying Mindful Leadership: The Pause vs. Procrastination

For Soul based leaders, the opportunity for leadership is knowing when to pause and reflect before taking action. With reflection, there is a fine line between pausing for guidance and also pausing to procrastinate and avoid necessary forward movement. This webinar is designed for soulful leaders and conscious business owners to learn about how to apply mindfulness at work, build awareness of themselves, and also to learn the discernment between pause and action. Knowing this difference can make or break decisions and necessary momentum forward for business leaders. Mindfulness is an incredible tool to encourage leaders to have the best process for productivity and their business.

 -     Learn the difference between Mindful Pausing vs. Procrastination in your life, work, and productivity

-     Explore how to be in divine timing for reflection and action

-     Discover how to utilize & trust your process and decision making abilities