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Past Event: Inspired Soul Leadership with Archangel Michael

Recording Available!

Explore how Archangel Michael can empower your Soul Leadership and receive messages from this powerful angel on your conscious business development. Michael’s primary job is to protect our soul destiny to bring us into Oneness with our true Being and life purpose.

  • What does leadership mean to you?
  • How are you a leader in your life and work?

We will explore how Archangel Michael shows up in our lives so we can recognize the signs and practice connecting with this most important guide.

  • Power of Oneness – embodying the energy and presence of Divine Love
  • Truth – what is the bigger picture for your eternal existence and this life?
  • Purpose – further refining what you know about your soul calling and life purpose
  • Cutting away illusions – what are you done with? What do you no longer believe about yourself and life?

Are you curious how Archangel Michael shows up in your life? We explore the signs as we practice connecting with this important guide.

  • Learn how to supercharge your leadership and purpose with Archangel Michael
  • Discover the ways Archangel Michael communicates with Your Intuitive System
  • Receive channeled angel messages from Archangel Michael
  • Share YOUR stories and miraculous experiences about Archangel Michael