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Mastermind Series: Organizational Constellations

Uplevel Your Constellations Work with Systemic Organizational Methods

We invite you to an Organizational Constellations Mastermind series, a peer-led study and practice group.

Organizational Constellations explores dynamics of business and leadership with an emphasis on organizational structure and design, career opportunities, business decision making, envision strategic approaches, and clear blocks on money and success.

This Mastermind is designed to create a peer-led learning environment with like-minded professionals. We will focus on practice, explore, and implementation of  Organizational Constellations. This is open to anyone with a foundational background & training in Constellations with an interest in exploring  Organizational Constellations. During the Mastermind, we will utilize books/articles, demos, and participant practice sessions.

The Mastermind is a comprehensive overview focused on Organizational Constellations. The topics include (Dates are tentative, all times are EASTERN Time):

· Module 1: What is Organizational Constellations? (Aug 15, 7pm)

· Module 2: Setting up an Organizational Constellation (Sept 11, 7pm)

· Module 3: Organizational Elements & Business Structure (Oct 18, 8pm)

· Module 4: Best Practices: Organizational Constellations (Nov 1, 7pm)

· Module 5: Facilitation: The Inner Experience of OC Facilitator (Dec 11, 7pm)

· Module 6: Q/A: Mastermind Organizational Constellation (Dec 18, 7pm)

Six-Month Mastermind: (Starting Aug 15th, 2018, 7pm EST): This Mastermind will deepen your learning about Organizational Constellations. This program is ideal for you, if you want to implement Organizational Methods in your practice and increase your knowledge and confidence of the Organizational Field.  (Note: This is not intended to teach the theory or practice of Organizational Constellations.)

Registration for Mastermind Program: $149  To pay for the 6 month Mastermind Program, click the link below.

Your Hosts of Mastermind Series for Organizational Constellations:

Maria Jade Piano

Maria Jade Piano is an Organizational & Leadership Constellation facilitator, and currently focuses on constellations to empower people to build their businesses and embody leadership in their success. She has trained in constellations for four years (with Suzi Tucker, Mark Wolynn, Bertold Ulsamer, among studying with other facilitators, including training and workshops hosted by the New England System Constellations). She has a Master’s of Science in Organizational Development and is currently a candidate for a PhD in Leadership Studies. In addition, she is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (class of 2012), trained several years in Theta Healing (belief systems), and other healing modalities. Maria has worked as a management consultant for Accenture in Organizational Change & Strategic Management, previously worked at Lehman Brothers, and currently works at the NY Open Center for the last 10 years. Maria is excited to explore how organizations and leaders can benefit from constellations work and expand the body of knowledge of Organizational Constellations. 

Jessica Saragovi

Jessica Saragovi is fascinated by Organizational Constellations and the potent combination of business + constellations. She is passionate about the power of Community and is very excited about this unique opportunity to combine Community with Organizational Constellations. Jessica has 20+ years of HR experience across Financial Service and non-profit organizations in New York and Miami. Most recently, Jessica developed the concept of “Holistic Resume” working with clients in exploring all parts of their expertise and presenting a dynamic document that fully encompasses who they are, what they’ve done and where they want to go. She holds a BA in History Education and Spanish and a MBA / MA in International Communications. She trained in Constellations with Michelle Blechner in Miami, FL. Jessica is also fluent in Spanish.  For more information, please visit Jessica’s website: