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Radiance and Beauty Meditation and Healing Workshop

Experience your radiance and beauty from the inside out, with this meditative soulful approach to reviving your energy and life force. In this circle, we will have a healing meditation, to focus on releasing blocks to the natural radiance of our body and spirit. When we allow time to unwind, our natural energy can emerge and vitality to replenish itself. The meditation will take us on a journey through cellular level brilliance and releasing stress to relax the nervous system. The session will include meditation, writing & reflective exercises on self care, and receive healing energy to revitalize in mind, body, and spirit. Are you ready to experience more beauty and radiance in your life? We are excited to have you join us! April 6th, 8:30pm, this circle hosted by Maria Jade Piano and the “Practical Beauty” Day at NY Open Center.


Sessions at the NY Open Center by: Maria Jade Piano