A Philosophy of Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and Ads are everywhere now a days, bombarding us with messages seen and also unseen blending in with the content we consume. However, as entrepreneurs and business leaders, there is a slightly different approach to marketing and advertising.

As entrepreneurs, our passion and purpose drive our motivation to get our message out there, to influence people, and invite them to take the courses, buy the products, and enlist in our services. However, marketing and advertising are not just about "putting it out there" with what you have to offer for people to buy.

1) Relationship building is key. Clients need to get to know, like, trust you and most of all, for there to be an energetic match between you and the client. This energetic match is determined by the vibes of the business and founder, the clarity of the message/branding, and most of all the quality of the product/service and the promise of delivering as described.

The philosophy of marketing and advertising here is are you in it to make a quick sale or are you in it to cultivate an on-going relationship with your clients so they are repeat customers and you are providing a transformation outcome to make a difference in their lives. This philosophy is a mindset shift and requires a long term view of business development and providing a long term view of how your client can invest in your business for their long term benefit.

2) Content provides value and confidence. Know your blind spots. One of the biggest ways entrepreneurs 'turn off' their clients is by just selling. Why? Because it can feel very one-way to clients. Developing meaningful content provides your clients value by offering them tips, ideas, inspiration, mini-mindset shifts and ways to keep your clients engaged with you and your business offerings.

Creative content is right at your finger tips and through you own intuition as a business owner. There are practical ways an entrepreneur can research how to provide content and business owners can also tap into their own intuition for unique approaches to engage their customer. And your client base will love you for this!

3) Innovation. To keep marketing and advertising relevant, innovate on your products and services, to meet clients in their various needs. Show clients you are developing new and creative programs for new approaches for their lives. Also, innovate IN your business: Learn and study business models and innovate on your creative business approaches. Innovate ways to get to know your clients and create ways they can engage with you and your business.

Essentially, the philosophy of marketing and advertising is a mindset shift of building a two way avenue of content, communicate, connection, and building value for your clients. Marketing and advertising is not just "selling" to your customer, rather, it is a way to communicate your brand, your values, and innovate ways your clients can benefit from the transformation and allowing your clients to be heard, seen, felt by you and your business. Increase your curiosity about your client and let them energetically know & feel their confidence in you and your business.