Three success mindsets to create your website

Leadership, Stepping into the Digital World. As I contemplated committing to create my digital presence, all kinds of emotions raged out of me: Anger, Overwhelm, and Worry. Basically, I felt annoyed and pissed because I was fearful. When I get to feeling anxiety ridden, my emotions flood my system and block my mind from thinking clearly. If I can't think clearly, I can't create powerfully. As I meditated on my decision, a few intuitive insidhgts guided my way. In order to create this website, I had to step into my creative confidence, with these three powerful mindset shifts.

1) An Eye for Visual Style: I really enjoy visual style when it comes to images, design, and creative flow. Remembering this quality helped give me confidence to know I could tap into this visual creativity to experiment and create a website that communicated my authentic values. Tips for you: Keep things simple, visually inspiring, and focused.

2) Original Inspiring Quotes: Reminding myself, I open my intuition to receiving insightful guidance every moment and with this intention, I can create original inspiring quotes, to provide original and valuable content for the reader. Tips for you: Put your magical intuition to work! Create unique content.

3) Ability to Vision and Connect Multiple things Together: To create a website or create a business, a bigger vision is always required for direction and the multiple strategic parts hold it together. This synergy creates cohesion for the structural elements of a business or website. At the same time, the vision provides guidance for the various structural parts; essentially both inform one another. Tips for you: Navigate between the vision and the individual parts and connect the dots!

These three mindset shifts established a positive mindset, in order to create from a calm, centered, soulful place. And here I am, with a working website in development! What are your three mindsets to put you in a positive, energized, creative space? Your voice is powerful! Inspire us =)